Commander "Dust"

Bloodthirsty leader of the Empire's occupation of Skeen


An aged veteran of the Clone Wars. Even with genetic inhibitors to stop his accelerated aging Dust is no longer at the height of his physical prime but is no less capable.

Known for always finishing missions no matter what the cost in troops. Dust has served the empire loyally by hunting down dissidents and traitors. During the Clone Wars, 93% of his battalion lay dead across the Swampy marshes by the end of the Saluecami campaign. He was then assigned to Jedi General Xarrex to fight the Droid envision of Taanab. when the war ended. He is considered a legend among other clone troopers and commanders who have nicked named him “Clone Commander Death” because of the high causality rate of his troops. Now he has been dispatched back to Tannab to exact justice on a rebel cell and to see if he really did tie up all lose ends all those years ago.

Commander "Dust"

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