Skeen Rebel Cell

Restistance fighters specialized in information gathering.


The Skeen Rebels (from Left to right)

Klaive Jorrier He’s the team’s Scout and messenger. Wearing a dark red half-cape off one shoulder tied to a clasp featuring an outline of what could be a falcon.

Teckla Sola; The lady of the group. he is a computer techie and Gambler. She wears nicer (but still functional clothes), featuring a stylish short jacket.

Cole “Mayham” Fuller; Weapon expert. Standing at 6"4, this gentle giant brandishes a vibroblade on the front of his chest and a large blaster on his hip.

Baron Darklighter; The optimistic leader of the group. Believes their contribution from this remote relay will make all the difference in the fight against the empire.

Mar Gaver; mechanic and pilot. Only 17 years old he is the youngest member of the cell. Maybe too brave for his own good.

Shan Vondell; He is an expert in tactics and unarmed combat. The odd looking one of the bunch. he prefers to wear more dressy clothes than the others.

Galen Trask; Mercenary and veteran of the Clone Wars. Wearing pats of his old armor with a large rifle strapped to his back. He is black, has a strong widows peak with a thick beard.


The Skeen Rebles have only been in operation for about six months. Using an old shelter from the clone wars as their listing post.. That puts their operation beneath the Skeen marketplace The cell’s missions involve decrypting imperial message, sabotage, and spreading anti-imperial sentiment throughout the region. Fortunately the people of Skeen aren’t even aware of the cell’s illicit activities. However, that will soon come to an end.

Skeen Rebel Cell

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