A long time ago in a galaxy far,
far away…

Star Wars
The Horizon's Edge

Episode I:
The Inquisition of Taanab

The GALACTIC EMPIRE has taken hold of the galaxy with an iron grip. Many peoples have taken up arms against it's mighty strength, forming the Alliance to Restore the Republic. The GALACTIC CIVIL WAR has begun.

The agricultural planet of TAANAB has found itself once again caught in the flames of tragic conflict. The Empire has discovered the hiding place for one of many rebel cells operating in the sector and a purge force is dispatched to quell the situation.

A Jedi named Kith Xarrex, a remnant of the past age of peace and justice has taken up residence among the peaceful people of Skeen with his apprentice. Together they will face the INQUISITOR, an agent of evil groomed to hunt down and destroy the last flickering lights of freedom….

Star Wars: The Horizon's Edge

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