Feats and Talents


Talented: You gain a talent from whatever class you were awarded this feat from. It is not a bonus feat for any class and has no prerequisite.

Improved Withdraw: In a heartbeat, you know when move away from the fray. Prerequisites: Dex 13. Benefit: You can Withdraw as a Move Equivalent Action instead of a Standard Action.

Long Haft Strike You have learned to take advantage of hafted weapons to knock your opponent to the ground. Prerequisites: Trip, proficient with weapon used. Benefit: When you wield a polearm weapon such as a spear, force pike, electrostaff, or lightsaber pike in both hands, you may choose to treat it as a double weapon, with the off-hand end dealing 1d6 bludgeoning damage. (If the weapon is already a double weapon, use its normal stats instead.) When you attack with the off hand end of the weapon, you can instead make a Trip attack. Roll the attack as normal, but deal no damage; instead, if you hit, roll an opposed grapple check as usual for Trip. This feat cannot be used in conjunction with Throw.


The Armor Defense: Talent from the Armor Specialist talent tree uses the rules for the Improved Armor Defense talent, which is no longer used at all.

Block and Deflect: are considered one talent

Feats and Talents

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